About Me

Hi, I'm Rishi.

I am an ardent believer of technology’s inherent power to influence human behavior and actions. I love crafting elegant and intuitive cross-device experiences, and helping creative ideas come to fruition through technology.

As a Technical Solutions Analyst with POSSIBLE, I have gained valuable experience working with cross-functional teams, and leading many web development projects from conception to launch. Launching and growing Beander into a profitable business has helped me understand the nuances of business operations, and has cultivated my entrepreneurial mindset.

I get excited about coming up with creatives ideas and features, but then I am just as interested in analyzing the feasibility and value of those ideas for the product. This creative inclination coupled with my analyst mindset has attracted me to the Product Manager role.

Product Management and me

The definition of Product Management that I most relate to is one by Josh Elman - "Help your team (and company) ship the right product to your users." It captures perfectly what I would aim to do as a Product Manager – empower the team to deliver those features/products which help the users, but are also aligned with the company vision.

But, I firmly believe that product management is not just about aligning design and engineering with the business objectives. It is doing that with the end user in perspective. The question I always ask myself when I prioritize which features to ship is "Will this feature make the product better for the users?"

Multilingual, but of a different kind

One of the first things I taught myself when I started my career as a Solutions Analyst (the advertising equivalent of a Product Manager) was to speak the language of my audience.

I now talk the language of aesthetics and user interface with designers, of architecture and code with engineers, prioritization and resources with project managers, and profitability and business goals with the account folks.